Our Workshop

Our workshop was completed in 2007. It was designed by the Brookes family, Mike, Andy and Steve, so that it could fulfil all our fleet needs. It consists four bays, three with 45’ pits. The fourth bay is equipped with a set of hydraulic vehicle lifts.

We have a brake testing facility, which is regularly calibrated and approved by the Ministry of Transport. We also have a smoke emission machine and a headlight aim setting machine, which tends to be one of the most common reasons a vehicle fails an MOT test.

Services available:

HGV maintenance

We are lucky enough to have qualified, highly experienced fitters.

Brake Testing

Our brake testing equipment is regularly calibrated and approved by the Ministry of Transport.

MOT Preparation

Our experienced staff will make sure nothing is overlooked, we can even take your vehicle to the Test Station on your behalf, if that is what is required.

Computer diagnostics

Most HGVs are computer run these days and therefore most faults can be tested for and diagnosed in our well equipped workshop.

Steam cleaning

Usually part of the MOT preparation although if you require a thorough under and over vehicle clean, it can be provided.

Supply of weighted trailer for tractor unit testing

We can provide you with a ready weighted trailer for your unit to take to test.

Curtain repairs

We have the expertise and specialised equipment and materials to repair most curtain damage.

Workshop Services

Andy Brookes
Tel: 01432 346162
Email: andybrookes@F2S.com