General Haulage

We have the following vehicles at our disposal in order to fulfil our customers' needs:

  • A range of 44 tonne artic units
  • A selection of 45ft curtainside and flat trailers
  • A range of rigid lorries, both curtainside and flat, up to 18 tonnes.
  • Specialist artic and rigid truss trailers
  • Extendable 45'-65' trailers for long loads
  • A rigid flat lorry with a crane mounted behind the cab

Over the years we have transported a huge variety of loads from plants and trees to fuel storage tanks. At the present time we are hauling for a variety of local companies. These products include:

Timber frame kits

These kits can range from wall panels, floor cassettes to roof trusses (for which we have special lorries and trailers).

Plants, flowers and trees

We transport these precious and fragile cargo to landscapers, nurseries and garden centres nationwide.

Fuel storage tanks

These can be small tanks for storing diesel at a sub-station to extra large tanks which need a specialist trailer, an escort vehicle and experienced staff to get hem to site.

Air conditioning equipment

This equipment is needed by a surprisingly large amount of companies and generally needs to be placed in some unusual places!

Specialist Services

Plant Trailer

Our plant trailer will carry various small plant vehicles, such as tractors, diggers and fork lifts. We have also adapted it to transport small components, such as small fuel storage tanks or small air conditioning units, these can then be organised into a multi drop run, utilising the fork lift to deliver into awkward places.Lorry mounted crane ‐ We have a small crane lorry which can lift 1 tonne up to 9m away. This vehicle can self load at your work place, transport to any UK wide destination and off load onto a chosen position.

Lorry Mounted Crane

This could be anything from a flat concrete pad to a factory roof. Wide load Escort Services ‐ If you have something that is over 2.9m wide ‐ 2 days notice must be given to the Police Authorities in every district through which it has to pass. If you have something that is over 3.5m wide ‐ 2 days notice must be given to the Police Authorities, an attendant (or second man) must be carried on the vehicle and a Wide Load Escort Van should be used. Our limited is up to 4.3m wide.

Wide Load Escort

We currently transport a variety of wide loads out of Herefordshire utilising our experienced drivers and the wide load escort van we can transport these wide and sometimes long loads on a UK wide basis.

General Transport

Steve Brookes
Tel: 01432 346160